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Prophecies, Books, and Workbooks

     We want to announce a new prophetic opportunity. We have a Reading Plan that covers some of my most significant prophecies, books, and workbooks.

     Over the coming months, we will be posting what I see as the times and seasons that we live and practical activations to walk out our faith in these days.

     Check it out and see what you think. You can discover writings for free, and our monthly subscription fee provides more in-depth writings and activations.

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A Study Story

     Byron, as an author, loves to write short stories. In this new Study Story Ameen is on a life journey. He has been fighting a question that he knew he had to answer.    

     What will happen to him if he crosses a bridge that he stands before? A journey that he fears there is now no way back. What will his wife say? Is he losing his mind, or is this a part of a much bigger revelation? Watch Part One >>>

Who We Are

     Our pursuit is to live heartfelt life-giving moments, from being together across the table conversing our dreams or concerns to gathering to worship and learn.

     What do I mean by heartfelt and life-giving moments? Several years ago, I had a cuppa and pondered the words real, genuine, and authentic. They had become popular, and they were losing their oomph, their sting. Words do this over time. The meaning is lost or changes.

     As I pondered, I asked the Spirit to open my understanding to alternatives that would remind me of my ‘Why.’ Words to express my heart’s desire to live a real, genuine, and authentic life. All types of words reflected these three when I struck an internal chord.

     I desire to live heartfelt life-giving moments, and I have a deep desire that you do the same. My design is to live this on the earth and offer you ways to live this as well. Here's to you!


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A Woman Writing by the Window

Byron's books are like a quiet reprieve, where you can gather your thoughts and just listen to Holy Spirit speak over you.

Bryce Paulson

We read the blessings Byron wrote over people during our prayer meetings, and there were tears every time! Highly recommend his books for yourself and groups!

Rebecca Friedlander

Byron's book, Dream Big Dream Often, is for all those who want to step outside their comfort and take a walk on the wild side with a faithful God.

Graham Cooke