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Anjan entered a village just north of Kolkata, India. He had not planned on going there, and he definitely didn't plan on returning. His brother Ronjan had invited him to pray for some Hindus who had asked for healing. It was his first time back in the saddle of ministering, and honestly, he wasn't ready for it.

I've known Anjan Biswas since 2003, when we moved to Vacaville, California. We never expected to be out of the greater MidWest as that was where we grew up and had no intention of leaving. But here we were living in a smallish town an hour North and East of San Francisco on the I-80. A town of little notoriety except maybe the Nut Tree which no longer exists but was known by many Californians as a stopover to and from Tahoe. Now it's an outlet mall with busloads of weekend shoppers. Vacaville is also the home of a prison where Charles Manson resided for many years. Oh, yeah! That's swirly.

Anjan was not around much after 2010, and I discovered his story as I recently had a conversation with him. He took me back to January 4, 2015. Anjan had gone through a season of pain and growth. Pain and growth go together like soup and sandwich or horse, and carriage, don't they? Although they seem to be (as the English say) like caulk and cheese. Extreme opposites. Anjan was comfortable living his life, learning, struggling, and pursuing God - alone! Until his brother asked him to this small village.

Anjan had lost his marriage and was missing his daughter deeply. He was unsure of the future until that day. He is a person of intense passion. Passion for going, deep with God, for people, and for the kingdom to be released in the lives of those around him but that day, he felt little need to go because he believed it wasn't time. He needed more time to heal. To recover from what he considered his life failures. But Dad had plans.

You Are Not A Good Father

Anjan grew up in an abusive household. His dad beat him regularly, leaving scars that were both external and internal. As often is the case, his view of a loving heavenly father was skewed by his earthly father's treatment. And if you aren't sure, there is a vast chasm between even the most loving of earthly fathers to that of a never-ending love of our heavenly father. Anjan was battling these feelings and pain of loss when in prayer, he sensed the Father saying to him, "You are not a good father." His reply came quickly and defensively, "No, but I am. I love my daughter!" Planted deeply in his soul came heaven's reply, "No good father hurts the mother of his daughter." He was broken. As you know and have most likely experienced, when we are broken, wonderful healing begins. Life-altering change often moves us into new seasons of our lives.

Biddy's Rule Dot Com

They arrived at the village knowing that a good God can heal. He'd seen it all before, miracles of various kinds. He had seen God move and heal vastly infirmed bodies. He could believe God wants to heal. He didn't doubt this, but he did doubt his part in it all. Why would his brother invite him to this place? A Hindu village.

As they began to pray, Anjan spoke about Jesus openly when the old lady of the home asked an honest but humorous question. Let me sidebar here for a minute. I grew up in a small town in Missouri, and there was always the old biddy's who seemed to know everyone's business. I never figured out how they got the information, but I'm assuming some underground worldwide web of biddy's associates ( I wonder if they are the Illuminati?

The old lady looked at Anjan with an inquisitive tone, "Who is this Jesus you keep talking about? I have lived in this village all my life and have never met this man. Does he live in the next village?" With his naturally beaming smile, Anjan had to hide a laugh as there is high respect for the elderly. To show the opposite would surely be an insult to her and the community.

Never in this village had anyone heard of Jesus. Something entered Anjan's heart that moment, and he knew he would be back. He had to come back to tell people about the one who had changed his life. Jesus isn't a religion to him. Christianity isn't a set of rules but a loving father who cares for all. So, back he came week after week—6 years where God has used him to minister hope into abusive marriages and so much more. Anjan has himself been healed. It is often said that the greatest opportunities in life you will ever have comes from the greatest struggle you have faced and conquered.

He has become a pastor to the village. 26 people have met, encountered, and responded to Jesus. Early on in his travels to the village, many had gathered around to listen to him talk about Jesus while meeting in a home. Two young ladies of the village made their way through the crowd and stepped in front of him. Not sure what was about to happen, he looked at them with kindness and hoped that they weren't concealing. They kneeled and touched his feet. Oh, this was a breakthrough moment. This is a sign of great respect and acceptance in their culture. Anjan was in tears. Today these two young ladies pray passionately for their village and others to meet, encounter and respond to Jesus.

A broken man, hidden from the world, brings new life and hope to a village. Anjan, if you are reading this, thank you for stepping across the line of pain and growth into this community where you and your great friend Jesus are making a world of difference in a village just outside Kolkata, India.

You Can Meet

I would love for you to connect with Anjan by going to his Facebook page and introducing yourself. He would enjoy meeting you, and there are many more stories he has told me that I would prefer him to tell. Maybe you can encourage him and even help in other ways.


All profits for this 'T' go to Anjan for his ministry in India!

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