Miffed Moppers

Updated: Jul 20

Aren't they cute? That's the first thing we think of when seeing little puppies frolicking about. Yes, I used the word frolicking because it's not often one gets to use the word frolicking. Frolicking is to play or move about cheerfully with energy. How's your frolicking going?

This week we had the grands hang out with us overnight. There was much frolicking going on. I'm not going to ask where they get their energy because that is of little use. The real question is, how do we conserve our much-needed frolicking energy for running around and still be able to conserve enough fuel to make it through the numerous requests to go to sleep. No, not us asking them but our request to finally let us go to sleep! Please help me, Jesus!

A few weeks ago, our oldest ask Nanna if she would do summer school with her. Adelina is a real learner. She loves to read as well to put people, places, and things in their proper order. We discovered this at an early age of 3 when at a local mall, she took it upon herself to police several women who couldn't make up their minds which way they wanted to go. Addie knew exactly where they should go and pointed to them to do so. Her request was heard and obeyed. So it was with Crystal and summer school.

Crystal loves teaching and decided to read one of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. If you're not familiar with these think, Little House on the Prairie. If that doesn't ring a bell, then think MidWest out in the woods hollowing wolfs, cold winters, and little log cabins. That should get you started.

Each week Crystal is preparing a series of fun lessons based around one of the book's chapters. She's very good at this. I wish I could record these on YouTube because people would really enjoy them. This week was no different. The lessons take a good amount of the day, so the kiddos are ready to frolic when they are finished. Off they go frolicking up and down the stairs, hallways, around tables, and wherever frolicking is allowed.

I was possibly writing a blog or doing something of great importance in my office, I'm sure. Crystal needed a break and was in the living room scrolling some articles on her phone when she heard the aforementioned frolickers giggling, not laughing (there is a difference between the two, and beware of the difference). She turned to find these two goofball frolickers sliding across our kitchen floor on water...much like a water slide. Our youngest had taken his water cup and poured it on the floor, and they were running down the hall and sliding across the wet floor giggling and having a blast. At least momentarily, until someone had to clean it all up, and then the frolicking frolickers became the miffed moppers.

It's a blast to have our family close. It's why we moved back to NorCal. Family is important, and we are blessed that we like each other. We get along and look forward to having time together. Frolicking is part and parcel with grandchildren. Often my frolicking reminds me I need to work out more or, at best, consider how to preserve my frolicking moments into one basket and bring them out on demand.

Here's to you, happy frolicking frolickers.


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