Nope - I'm Just Lazy

Updated: Jul 20

Procrastination is not one of my issues. Wait, is that like putting off the inevitable? Then maybe I do procrastinate on certain things. One issue would be making phone calls to clear up messes that I didn't create. I'm also horrible at mailing things.

I'm sitting in my office in my cool blue chair that Kate got me. Very unique -- why yes, she is! And the chair is too. It's a Friday late afternoon, and I feel no sense of rush as I'm enjoying writing this blog. As I look up from my computer, I notice a small jewelry box on my desk that I was going to send to Erin maybe two months ago? It's right there, every day, looking at me. It sits there quietly, saying nothing until I look at it, and then it yells - HEY, YOU NEED TO SEND ME!

My brain has a momentary hesitation as I think about how to get that done today. It will wait another day. I feel bad, but soon my eyes are back down on the screen, typing this blog and wondering why I have such a difficult time going to the post office. Did I have a traumatic experience at a post office when I was a child? Did my mother or father speak this weird sense of foreboding in my spirit? Did the postperson, we had a postman, throw mail at me or cause me some inner fear of all things postal?

Nope - I'm just lazy.

I did purchase a padded envelope which made me feel very proud. Movement. Forward Ho! Poor Erin, the holes in her ears will close by the time I get those earrings to her. These are a special pair of earrings from Cambodia. Made by Nokor Creations. These amazing women who have survived sex trafficking need jobs, and Nokor Creation is one avenue of hope for them. Do you see what I'm doing? I'm letting my brain try to shift to another topic to appease myself and my post office procrastination. P.O.P. It's not a disease, but it is part of my life.

I can hear that jewelry box yelling at me, trying to get me to look up. I won't look! I want to finish my day feeling like I've accomplished something. I will put P.O.P. aside and look to next week when I can meet with the anti-procrastination group on FB, Get 'Er Done, and put the jewelry box in the padded envelope. efficient.

We got issues. We all got 'em. It's why I need you, and you need me. We got issues that you can help me with. Anybody headed to the post office?


Purchase this 'T' and 20% goes to Karis Widows!

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