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Updated: Jul 20

"Byron, we're in town. Can you get together for coffee," read the text I received the night before the suggested time slot for a get-together? I had meetings scheduled for that day from 9 am through 2:30 pm and was trying to quickly run through the Rolodex of my mind considering how I might slide this meeting to the left and that one to the right to create the needed space. I really wanted to meet with my friend Ron Gollner, a.k.a. R.G. Ryan, writer/author of one of my favorite series, The Jake Moriarty Novels.

Ron has a very whimsical flair. I gain a lot of joy from reading his social media posts and am inspired by his whit in writing in general, so when he texted to ask about coffee the next morning, I was disappointed that we couldn't connect.

Common Ground

We have in common our love of writing and writing from within the borders of coffee shops. I wrote my first book between a coffee shop and an airplane seat. My second book was written almost exclusively from a coffee shop. I should be sitting at a coffee shop now writing this blog, but two small humans are running around our house, creating joyous havoc. They carry more weight in my heart.

Since C19, I haven't been writing in coffee shops. Then we moved back to NorCal when restaurants were delivering or curbside pickup only. Now I'm beginning to find my way back. When I went to coffee shops to write, there was always some form of interaction that occurred. Generally triggered by me. I learned that from my mom. Even though I wouldn't say I liked it, I knew if I didn't open up and step across the line of fear and trembling about meeting new people, it would be a boring life.

Something is brewing in my heart and spirit that needs more than a good cuppa and a place to write. I need connection - community. There's an internal need to connect with those who are truly interested in discussing topics of all kinds. I need people around me (and me around them) who desire more than a set of values that suggest relationships but practice little of it.

Relationships aren't a value to prescribe. We all do relationships. Some may not be the healthiest, but we all do relationships in some form or fashion. To say, our value is relationship means nothing unless there are practical steps being applied. I am digging into this brewing of mine and discovering what this means to me. Do you have it figured out? Do you have practical ways you are applying the value of relationships in your life? I'd like to know. Leave me a comment, and let's continue this discussion.


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